Magic Fortune

How to play:

·Insert coins and active the game, press button to drop off balls.

·At the magic zone, the more red balls you gather, the more rewords you can get, No rewords with three white balls. There are same rewords for red and white balls out of the magic zone.

·Great magic rewords: Gather three red balls will win it.

·Gather two red balls will win double red magic rewords, Gather one red balls will win single red magic rewords.

·Little magic rewords: when the ball across the two side curves, you can win it.

·Super Great magic rewords: when you win one Great magic rewords, then light up one lamp. Light up all of five lamps will win super magic rewords.

·Surprise: Any magic balls drop into the hole of lucky wheel, you can get some more magic as it shows.




Game Features:

Magic Fortune is a mechanical redemption game machine which have color recognition, novelty gameplay with classical drop ball,Huge input of coins for mechanical program, low fault rate.